Aromatherapy Jewelry Diffusers?

Marcia Chase

Why use an aromatherapy jewelry diffuser?

 If you already know how much you love using your essential oils and are wondering why you would mess with adding essential oil to a piece of jewelry, you are not alone. I thought the same thing at first. Then I tried it and realized that adding essential oil to an aromatherapy necklace means that YOU can smell the scent you have chosen to use for many hours! When you add essential oils to your skin the oil goes right through your skin and enters your blood stream. This is because they are a hydrophobic liquid containing the volatile aroma essence of a plant, this is why you want to use high quality essential oils. Adding a couple of drops to your skin has so many health benefits and if you are an oil junkie you already know about the many health benefits of essential oils. However do you notice that sometime after you apply your essential oil you can't really smell the scent anymore? This is the sign of a good quality essential oil, you don't want synthetic scents in your essential oils. The creative way "oilers" have found to keep there scent around all day is to add it to an aromatherapy piece of jewelry. I loved this idea so much that I began making Aromatherapy Jewelry. When I do craft fairs and markets I find others having the same realization that I had when I share this simple idea.


Styles of Diffuser Jewelry

There are many styles of Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklaces. Some are made of lava, clay, tassels or leather. There are diffuser lockets and I have even seen little clay pots that hang from a cord around your neck. Lava Stone diffusers have a modern elegant look and will go with any other jewelry you are wearing. Clay diffusers are made with lots of creative designs. You may already have something in your jewelry box you can use as a diffuser. Anything with leather, tassels, clay or lava stone will soak in the essential oil and make a great diffuser that will last all day long. 

How to use your Aromatherapy Jewelry Diffuser

Simply drop 1-2 drops of essential oil on the Lava stone or Clay and let it soak in. This is a wonderful way to enjoy your favorite scents! The scent will fade away over the next day or two depending on the oil you use. For example lemon wont last as long as peppermint which is a stronger scent. Once the scent fades away simply reapply different oils as needed. You will find that some scents blend nicely with each other so that applying a second oil on top of the first works great. For the strongest scent add one drop each day. Make sure the oil has soaked in before putting it next to clothing. I will usually add my oil to the pendant and let it sit on the counter for a bit, so the oil will have time to soak in. If you have an Aromatherapy Locket that you bought from Deja Vu by Marcia Chase then it will have a reusable clay disc inside rather than felt pads usually sold with these kinds of lockets this eliminates the many felt pads with different scents on them. 

A new way to use an old favorite

There are lots of ways to use your favorite oils. Essential oils are like a liquid gas and so when you inhale them or apply them to your skin you are getting many of the therapeutic benefits that the plant world has to offer. After using high quality therapeutic grade essential oils for 17 years, I was surprised by the idea of applying essential oils to jewelry. I tried this idea out on some lava stone earrings I already had and I was hooked! Now I use my jewelry diffusers everyday.

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