Buffalo Spirit Animal

What we have come to know as Buffalo here in America are technically not Buffalo but rather Bison. Referring to American Bison as Buffalo may have gotten started by French fur trappers with the use of the word “boeufs” which means ox.  True Buffalo are found in Africa and Asia.

Because they are so closely related, Buffalo and Bison are mostly interchangeable in terms I’m going to use Buffalo in this video to refer to the American Bison.

Buffalo were hunted to near extinction in the early 1800’s. Unsuccessful attempts were also made to domesticate Buffalo. There is a strength and resilience in the spirit of the American Buffalo that resonates with the wild need to remain free.

Has Buffalo shown itself to you in images you are seeing over and over again? Did Buffalo come to you in a dream or a vision? Maybe you even caught sight of a Buffalo in real time?  This is a sacred totem connected to many of the creation stories of our planet.

Connecting with your own true spirit and guidance, is the message Buffalo brings to you. When everything finally gets to be too much of a burden to carry on your own, your Higher Power will take that heavy load.

The traditional story is that, White Buffalo Woman came to the Lakota people out of a white cloud. She appeared to a hunting party wearing white buck skin. White Buffalo Woman taught the people how to pray and call forth abundance.

She brought them the sacred pipe and taught them about male and female medicine. The smoke represents a visual prayer and has long been thought of as cleansing for the spirit. It is said that as she parted from the people, she turned into a white buffalo calf and disappeared on the horizon. As she did so great herds of buffalo appeared for the people.

All animals are scared, but the Buffalo is the most sacred of all animal totems. If Buffalo has shown itself to you, its time to pay close attention.

Despite weighting up to 2200 hundred pounds Buffalo can jump up to 6 feet. They can run up to 40 miles per hour and they live about 15 years in the wild.

The broad shoulders of Buffalo are symbolic of the ability to carry a heavy load. Are you pushing forward despite all the signs to slow your pace? Remember you have an equal partner in the Great Spirit. Turn you troubles over to Great Spirit through prayer. Buffalo has been said to show itself as a sign that prayers are being answered. Buffalo teaches us to appreciate all things great and small and combine your efforts with the Divine.