Dragonfly Spirit Animal Meaning




Dragonflies are ancient to this planet, 325 million year old fossils of very large dragonflies have been found. There are more than 5000 species of dragonflies that exist today. They will live as nymphs or aquatic larvae for most of their lives. Dragonflies go through a Metamorphosis as they transition from water to air. It takes time to adapt to breathing air. Old skin is shed, and wings dry out in the warm sun.

The change that is happening when dragonfly enters your life is not a change that you need to make happen. It is a change that is taking place regardless of the level of awareness you have about the metamorphosis. Dragonflies first flights usually take place in the morning these flying jewels may be on the wing for only a few days or weeks. Transformation is happening and when it is time to take flight you will have moved into a new version of yourself, leaving your old self behind.

Inhabiting both realms of water and air makes Dragonfly unique. The emotional larvae state spent in water lasts two years. The transition to air is symbolic of balancing emotions with mental clarity. 

Dragonflies have two pairs of wings and can adapt to changing conditions in their environment. This adaptability makes Dragonfly one of the ancient inhabitants of our planet. The time of flight for a Dragonfly is short and reminds us to appreciate every moment as we are living it. Many pleasant things surround us and finding ways to explore what’s right here right now will lead to more experiences of what we enjoy.

Dragonflies catch the light like prisms of a rainbow and reflect it back to us. They need the warmth of light and sun to survive.  Bringing in colors, light, sun and warmth is part of the message Dragonfly holds for us. If you are seeing or dreaming of Dragonflies or maybe you simply feel very attracted to them at this time in your life. You may be going through a Metamorphosis. For me I began to feel a deep attraction to Dragonflies after I experienced just about 2 1/2 years of intense change in my life.