Elk Spirit Animal Meaning


Spirit Animals might show themselves to you in dreams or one may cross your path or make its presence know to you in a way that feels deeply personal to you. If Elk has shown up it may mean you need to pace yourself so that you have the energy you need to reach your goals.  The noble strength Elk possesses will bring the insight you need to focus your energy within yourself, your true power lies within.

The Shawnee Indians name for Elk is Wapiti, which means “light-colored deer.”  They have a highly developed “sixth sense” and can sense danger and elude hunters much more effectively than Deer.

Elk keep the company of their own gender all year long except during mating season. This curios behavior is unique to Elk and is part of their regal nature. Do you find yourself locked in competition energy with others?  It may be time to seek common ground. You may find mutual benefit in sharing with others who have had similar experiences. 

Elk can run at speeds of up to 45 miles an our which is 16 miles an hour faster than a horse. Elk are good swimmers and can jump 8 feet high.  Elk may indicate that you are about to hit your stride. Keep the end game in mind and make sure you are pacing yourself. This totem indicates that you have the strength and stamina to achieve your goals.

Known to the ancients as the “Noblemen of the Forest” Elk are 4-5 feet tall from hoof to shoulder and weight up to 1100 lbs. A bull Elk's antlers may reach 4 feet above its head, so that the animal towers 9 feet tall.  In order to create the reality you want to be living, you need to begin to embody the feeling of the person you intend to become. Elk carry the essence of noble energy.

Elk communicate in very intricate ways. Bugling males during mating season have a very unique high-pitched sound made by roaring and whistling simultaneously.  They make grunts, mews, whines and even barks. Communication is an important part of Elk Medicine. Obsession with what others think of you will not help you deliver your message. Bring awareness to yourself as you form your thoughts and you will bring new impact to the words you speak. 

Elk are in there full power in the fall season. They shift from the heard of their own gender to looking for a mate. A dominant male will have a herd of around six females. Seasons change and how you feel about the people around you changes too. Elk signifies the idea of bringing new awareness to the company you keep…. some changes may be on the way!