Fairy Stone Meaning

Fairy Stones are formed over thousands of years. Fine sand, clay and small stones are shaped over time by deposits of calcium carbonate. Found in a glacier rich part of Quebec Canada, these Fairy Stones were carried by water and deposited on the shores or lakes and rivers.

Similar glacial concretions are found in different parts of the world and are known by different names.

“Imatra Stones” in Finland.

“Fairy Stones” in Scotland, Ireland and Quebec.

“Mud-babies” or “Clay Dogs” in Connecticut.

I recently discovered these Fairy Stones from Quebec when I was at a rock show. I have never seen anything like them before and have become fascinated with how unique they are


Found In the Harricana River valley which means “river of the biscuits” in Algonqun language. Fairy Stones have a great abstract shape, they are usually flat on one side and have a dome shape on the other side. Looking very much like mud brought to a boil and preserved by time. Fairy Stones hold a particular kind of Earth energy known to bring a sense of deep calm.

The spirits of nature can teach you about plants and animals and bring you into harmony with the cycles of nature. Fairy Stones aid in making a connection with the spirits of nature.  


Add a new dimension to your dream state by placing a Fairy Stone under you pillow at night. This is a great way to connect with the energy of your specific stone.

Hold your Fairy Stone and feel how slowly this stone was formed over time. These stones hold the calming energy of the eons. Allowing your life to simply unfold before you will restore a sense of strength and balance.


After working with Fairy Stones, you may notice new urges to explore your environment in new ways. Creative ideas might start flowing through you. Follow these impulses!

The Earth energy of Fairy Stones makes them powerful for healing. Place one fairy stone on each side of an area of injury or trauma. Congestion associated with an injury will not harmonize with the Fairy Stone, this results in the dissipation of stagnate energy.


The native people of Quebec are said to have carried Fairy Stones as talismans of protection when they went out hunting. They have also been known as good luck charms that bring prosperity.