Hawk Spirit Animal Meaning

Hawk Spirit Animal Meaning

Are you seeing Hawks everywhere you go? Did a Hawk cross your path? Did a Hawk show up in a moment that felt very significant to you?  Maybe you had a dream about a hawk?  

There are more than 200 species of hawks around the world and approximately 25 species in the US. Female hawks are strong and tend to be 1/3 larger than Male hawks. Hawks live for up to 14 years

Hawks represent a higher perspective and a need for rising above your current life situation. Solutions appear when we gain a broader perspective. Hawks can spot their pray from 100 feet up in the air, about ten stories high. And the red-tailed hawk dives at a speed of at least 120 miles per hour

Step back and gain perspective don’t react in a rash way. Once you tune into your intuition and gain clarity on a situation you do not need to wait for others to have the same insight, Hawk urges you to lead the way.

Seeing hawks means that you are on the right path. Keep doing what you are doing at this time, and notice what you are thinking about when you see them? Hawk medicine teaches that timing is everything, don’t be surprised if you are having visions or getting specific messages, you won’t want to ignore them.

Associated with the soul, Hawk represents real growth on a deep level. As your awareness deepens you may find that you can tune in to higher realms with ease. If you have Hawk totem energy you have intense energy and carry strong opinions. Remember to gain perspective before you dive in.  You will not get the results you desire if you dive in to soon. Hawk teaches patience in timing. Wait for the feeling, the knowing before you dive in. This will result in perfect timing every time!