Hydro Flask 20 oz Product Review

Hydro Flask 20 oz will it keep my drink cold even in the Vapor Caves??  The Hydro Flask craze is in full swing… I’m seeing these things everywhere I go. I picked one up 3 or 4 times in Vitamin Cottage looked at the price and then put it back. But alas, I have finally bought a Hydro Flask!

TempShield™ double wall insulation? It is said that this flask is so insulated, water will not freeze inside even in the freezer! Humm?? But will it keep my drink cold in one of my favorite places on the planet?

I bought this hydro flask 20 oz because I liked the flip lid and it fits in my cup holder. I know this hydro flask will keep my earl grey hot for days, even though I drink it all within an hour. What I want to know is will it keep my drink cold even in extreme heat? So heres the thing about me, I love to soak in the heat, literally I’m a soaking junkie, I can steam, sauna or soak for hours. So today I’m here at one of my favorite spots… The Yampa Spa and Vapor Caves in Glenwood Springs. I’m going to put this Hydro Flask to the test!

So I filled my hydro flask with cold water before I left home. Its currently about 38 degrees Fahrenheit and its 9:51 in the morning.  I have another water bottle Im going to use for today so that I can leave this one filled up all the way.

The vapor caves are a natural hot mineral water steam bath. The hot mineral water flows around the edge of the caves and is 125 degrees. Temperatures inside the cave average 110-112 degrees fahrenheit.

In the 1800’s the Vapor Baths looked like this. ( see video ) Today the entrance to the caves is a through the Yampah Spa and down a set of stairs. There’s a changing room with lockers. They will give you a towel and a washcloth when you check in, I take those down into the caves with me. Bring an extra towel for showering later.

The humidity down here is beyond 100% it’s so humid down here that there is water constantly dripping down from the cave ceiling.  There are stacks of tubs that you can fill with cold water from a hose. I usually put my water bottle on one of these cold tubs of water, while I soak in the heat. But today I’m going to let my hydro flask just sit, while I soak in the heat.  This cave was originally used by the Ute Indians and the traditions of using heat as cleansing for the body and spirit in ceremony are still carried on by them today in this very cave.

The history of sweating as a therapy has been known by many, for centuries in many cultures.  Slipping into a mindful state becomes easy for me in this place. And I can feel the history in the walls of these caves.  There were 50 different hot springs here when white men first came to this area.

The original Ute cave was on the south side of the river and was used until 1887, when it was sealed over by the railway. Vapor Cave #3 ( this cave ) was developed along with the Hots Springs pools and Hotel Colorado in the 1880’s. Today there are three caves down here, and during the week days you will likely find that it’s not crowded. There is a cooling area down here that’s a bit cooler than the caves. And upstairs you will find a nice solarium.

So at this point I’ve been down here for hours, let’s go check on the hydro flask!

Its now 1:42 in the afternoon Its been just about 4 hours, lets see if this hydro flask kept my water cold!!  … 44 degrees that’s only a change of 6 degrees, that really rather impressive! I would have to say that despite my reservations at the price, this hydro flask is worth the money I spent on it. I have heard that there are some imitation hydro flasks on the market. I’m not positive how you know for sure that you are getting the real thing. I bought this one at vitamin cottage, so I think that’s one way to know that you are getting an authentic hydro flask. But they don’t have many colors to choose from.