Journal Prompts for Anxiety that work great for Anger and Depression too!

Overnight anxiety has become the center stage emotion as drama unfolds around us and in the world. Have you lost all perspective? Is your mind running wild with thoughts? Are those thoughts keeping you awake at night? Journals are not just for writing positive nice dreams and goals. Right now all goals have shifted, let’s put goals aside for now and move some energy.

Please note, I’m not a Therapist, I have however been journaling for years and I have worked through some massive changes in my life using journaling as a tool. Do you find yourself only wanting to write positive nice things in your journal?

You might think you cannot focus enough to write in your journal right now with all the changes happening. This technique will not take that kind of focus and in this exercise were really going to mess up the page.

I want you to write anything and everything you have been wanting to say to ANYONE! That’s right! And you can do this even in your very favorite journal that you reserve for only nice things. Pick a page, any page. And just write. Write about ….. the quarantine the pandemic the fear the isolation your family the things that are diving your crazy about all of this the media the grocery store how weird things are now your best friend parents husband children strangers politics.

You might be thinking what’s so different about all of this… just stick with it. Now go back to the top of the page and write around the line you wrote on the first pass and keep going, Let it all out. Keep going to the bottom of the page. As you write you can connect the words to each other if you want so its like writing one big long word. No grammar or punctuation needed here.  NO ONE will ever read this, Not even you!

Write about, work money your boss  unemployment bills rent lack of everything but time the people you can’t see the people you can see the government fears about your health fears about the health of others anything and everything you feel about anything or anyone can be written here

Done with that pass, make another pass. Squeeze another line into the line your already wrote in twice and keep going. I have written on pages until they were almost black with ink. Nothing readable about any of it. But here is the thing …

Something happens between your brain and the pen. Handwriting increases neural activity in certain sections of the brain, similar to meditation.  This helps to Gain perspective and put some space between you and the thoughts you may have not even realized you had been thinking.

This is great if you are feeling misunderstood. The key to being understood is to understand yourself. The benefits are twofold. You will have the feeling you crave of being understood, the moment you understand yourself and the funny thing is you will suddenly find yourself being understood better by others. This is an ongoing practice that evolves over time. But it all starts with getting some words down on paper.

“You are not your thoughts; you are the observer of your thoughts.”

― Amit Ray 

I could do another video on this topic but basically you are consciousness itself not the thoughts you are thinking.

That’s why reading what you wrote is so unimportant. Who cares what you wrote. Notice how you feel? When you write like this you are moving energy in your body. When you have though patterns incessantly looping in your head, you have energy not moving in your body. Once you have released all of the gunked up thoughts, the energy will be able to start to move. This is what it means to get out ahead of the way you feel. There are many ways to do this, writing is one tool I use a lot.

Positive or at least neutral thoughts will begin to fill in once you have made some space for them. There are lots of other journaling prompts to go from neutral to positive. I will have more videos coming soon! Please share you comments, and favorite ways to get it all out on the page! I would love to hear about them.

If you prefer to write on a separate page, I have a free Scribble Journal download on my website. Thanks for watching!