Trust The Universe And Go With The Flow


 So, lets say you have a problem. How do you know it’s a problem?  The feeling or sensation of resistance. Resistance is your indication that you are in need of assistance. For most of us, the feeling of resistance inside of us is so unpleasant that we leap into action to try and fix the problem. This kind of reacting will only lead to more problems. Do not ignore or try to fix your feelings of resistance, you will need them to put your life back on track. Problems come with solutions, learn to ... Trust The Universe And Go With The Flow. In the Flow….  in Sync….    …. in the Vortex        what does it really mean and how do I know if I’m there?  I’m going to talk about how I found ways to get into the flow and stay in the flow during the most challenging time of my life.

 The feeling of being in the flow is just the best. Everything unfolds in just such a way that you feel in sync with something greater than yourself. The Universe, A Higher Power, Your Inner Being, Life Force, Soul, True Being, Essential Being, God, Goddess or anything else you want to call it. Once you find that feeling of the being in the flow you just want to stay in the flow, right?

Trying to recapture the flow or stay in the flow can be maddingly illusive.  Have you tried to plan a day that was in the flow, only to end up with the utter opposite experience!  You cannot plan your way into being in the flow, all that planning will take you right out of the flow. Because here’s the thing …   being in the flow is a Feeling not a plan. Problems seem to be raging around us and we just keep jumping in to fix them and the situation only seems to get worse. Why?  Because the resistance within you is the only thing you can really change.  The world will reform itself around you in a new way.  As resistance falls away solutions will begin to present themselves. People will treat you differently and your day will begin to unfold in an entirely new way.

If you need help with a situation, its not the situation you are turning over to the universe. It’s the resistance you are turning over to a Power Greater than yourself. Maybe the idea of a Higher Power is new to you?  … if so welcome!   Your Higher Power has been waiting for you.  Learning to trust that my Higher Power was waiting and willing to help me, changed my whole life. I realized I was not alone and that any situation no matter how bad it might seem can be transformed. You need the situation, it’s a tool to unlocking the profound truth that a higher power IS waiting to help you. Without the situation whatever it is, you would never turn your life over in this way.  The more intense the situation is the more resistance turns to a persistent need for assistance.

Picture the situation in your mind so that you can find the sensation of resistance within you.   

This is the part that its hard to find the words to explain, Imagine the situation is wrapped in white paper, or surrounded in a pink bubble, or attached to a balloon and its floating away. Maybe a hand is reaching down as you turn your situation over to a Power Greater thane yourself, you will need to find an image that works for you. And you may find that is changes over time.

 It’s the feeling of the relief of a heavy burden of resistance inside of you, that will let you know when you have let it go.

If you find yourself thinking about the problem again as if you are the one who should be able to fix it. . Simply remember the feeling of relief you felt when you let it go and it will be surrendered once again.

Give it time, let the solutions come on their own. 

Focus your attention on something you can get done right now. Or go for a walk, take a hot bath, go to a movie.  You must find a way to turn your focus away from your problem so that the universe can deliver the solution.

The Universe knows what you mean by the way you feel, move toward feelings of ease.

In this way we Really Do create our own reality by the way we FEEL!  And this Co-creation experience yields surprising results. After some practice with this, things will begin to show up in your experience that you forgot you even wanted.

Being in the flow can happen in an instant and it’s something you can come to rely on during times of crisis and change. Once the crisis resolves and trust me it will. The real work of getting out of our own way begins. We tend to re-create more drama. And it will take some time for this to work its way out of our system.

Many years ago, I heard Dan Millman speak at a conference. He asked the audience this question? How good can you stand it?  This question boggled my mind. Have we become so use to the next problem showing up that the idea of good things is intolerable?  Bit by bit we can learn to let the good things that have been there all along, become our primary focus. Sometimes Happy is just too big of a leap. Find anyway that you can to stand the good and move toward feelings of ease. With practice you will be able to feel what a situation will be like before you go. In time you will value the feelings of ease inside of you more than you value conflict.

I realized that in trying to resolve issue that were not my own, I was treating others as if they could not handle their own lives. 

Abraham Hicks has a saying that has become one of my favorites

“Don’t become someone else’s path of least resistance!”

I learned to get out of my own way and let the Universe do the work by asking for the help I needed with specific problems that were happening at that time. I was faced with a sea of problems and I think this worked so well for me at the time because there was no way I was going to solve them all on my own. I would run right into a problem and it would seem impossible to me.  I would take a bit of time to turn it over to the Universe. I could tell when I had done this because I would feel a sense of relief like a weight lifting off of me. Then I would move on to something I could get accomplished, this I would later realize was my way of turning downstream. If I thought of the impossible problem again, I would remember that sense of relief and remember I had turned it over already. Sometimes I would have to do this many times in one day. But I would do it because I did not have solutions to these problems.  Then each and every time solutions would come. It happened for months and its still happening today.  People would appear, literally showing up as if on cue. Solutions would just come into my mind. Issues would just resolve themselves. This continued to unfold in such a way that I could not come to any other conclusion than that it was my Higher Power.  I was not in a happy place, however I was starting to find small moments of relief. I followed those feelings of relief right out of hell. It did not matter that I did not feel happy because the Universe knew what I really wanted.