Lava Stone Diffuser Earrings with Spiral Charm

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Lava Stone Earrings, lava stones are lightweight and porous and make great diffuser earrings.

Hypoallergenic Surgical Steel ear wires, with 8mm Spiral Charm Charm and 8mm Volcanic Black Lava Beads.

Lava rocks are very porous and they make a perfect vessel for essential oils. Add essential oil to the earrings and it soaks in and they become your diffusers. This is a wonderful way to enjoy you favorite scents! The scent will fade away over the next day or two depending on the oil you use. For example lemon wont last as long as peppermint which is a stronger scent. Once the scent fades away simply reapply different oils as needed. you will find that some scents blend nicely with each other so that applying a second oil on top of the first works great. For the strongest scent add one drop each day.

Handmade in the USA. These earrings are made by me in the mountains of New Mexico.