Collectible Rare Variscite Stone

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Collectible Rare Variscite Stone from Utah - Wow what a cool piece, I have yet to find another one like it!!!
Weight 76g Size - 71mm X 40mm X 32mm ( aprox 2.75 X 1.75" X 1" ) 
Comes with Crystal Meaning information Card and has been cleansed in sea salt bath and charged in the New Mexico sun.

Variscite is a rare hydrated aluminum phosphate mineral. In the United States, variscite is found in Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.
Variscite has a loving vibration that brings harmony and opens the heart. If you find yourself living the same patterns over and over, Variscite and its clarifying properties will help you focus on your strengths. Joyous feelings increase with the use of Variscite and solutions to problems are found effortlessly.