Sage Smudge Kit

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Sage Smudge Kit - each kit is unique, no two are alike! Items in each kit include Vintage items found in antique shops from the South West.
This Kit Includes:
1 White Sage Smudge Stick 4" 
1 Smudging Information Card 
1 Juniper Clearing Spray 2 oz - Wildcrafted Ingredients: Juniper Leaves and Berries infused in Witch Hazel. Use to seal the energy after smudging with White Sage. 
1 White Prima Jungranslus Alter Candle 4.5" long 
1 Small Vintage Silver Shell Dish 3" X 3.5" .25"
1 Fluorite Crystal Cluster Size - 43mm X 49mm X 22mm ( aprox 2" X 1.75" X .25" Weight 64g Comes with Crystal Meaning Information Card 
Wrapped in a Vintage Kerchief and placed in a Vintage Tin. Message me if you would like to include a Gift Note. 

Smudging is an ancient spiritual practice that has been used in many traditions. The practice of smudging will enhance your life by moving out old lingering energy, in your environment as well as your body and mind. Smudging will purify and clear space for new manifestation. 

Fluorite is a protection stone that grounds and stabilizes energy. Fluorite heightens intuitive insights and brings mental clarity. Fluorite gets energy flowing and removes stuck stagnant energy. Fluorite can be used as a shield, it absorbs negative energy. When working with Fluorite make sure to clear it often.