Travertine Limestone Sphere

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Travertine Limestone Sphere
75mm ( aprox 3" ) 
Comes with Crystal Meaning information Card and has been cleansed in sea salt bath and charged in the New Mexico sun.

Travertine is a banded, compact variety of limestone formed along streams, particularly where there are waterfalls and around hot or cold springs. Calcium carbonate is deposited where evaporation of the water leaves a solution supersaturated with the chemical constituents of calcite. 

Travertine is grounding and centering, this stone will assist the user in connecting with the Earth and returning to your core. Layers of Limestone form the layers seen in this stone, forming a foundation for building posterity and abundance. Travertine promotes positive thoughts and optimism. Limestone is the root of many other crystals, Travertine will help you return to your roots and start working from the ground up.