Chakra Oracle Deck

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1 deck of Awakening the Senses Everyday Intuition Cards ( 54 card deck) , Booklet and Acrylic Box. Pocket size.

Are you asking for guidance and not quite getting the answers you seek? There are seven ways in which we receive, integrate and express energy known as Chakras. The word Chakra literally translates as "wheel" or "disk." Awakening the Senses invites you on a journey of self discovery through your own Chakra system. Ideal for empowerment and everyday guidance for yourself or use with clients in a professional setting.

We receive different kinds of information through our Chakras: physical sensations, feelings, dreams, images, symbols, sounds, smells and recurring events. Each moment of our lives is full of guidance that we habitually ignore. Some senses are over used while others are rarely used. Each card offers a recipe for restoring balance to the Chakra system, the way our senses receive guidance and also the way we use it.

There are seven colors represented in the Awakening the Senses deck. Each color carries a frequency that can be used as a tool for transformation. Each Chakra is known to have a certain number of vortices. These spinning vortices relate to the healthy function of the human body and are often depicted as lotus petals. Each Chakra has its own unique numerology and the quality of each number relates to the quality and function of that Chakra. The number of vortices in a Chakra range from 4 at the Root Chakra to 972 in the Crown. The number of cards in the Awakening the Senses Deck in each Chakra corresponds to the number of vortices spinning in that Chakra. For example, the #4, which is the number of vortices inside the Root Chakra, is also the same # that has historically represented stability.

Tigra with Sacred Sagittarius did a great YouTube review on ATS cards you can find it in the blog section of my website at

I created this deck in 2010 as an art project when I was in my 3rd year of training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Miami. I decided to self publish them a year later. I have been amazed myself by the messages written in these cards. And I often turn to them for guidance. The people who have a deck often tell me how much they love them, and I always have them available for sale at my shows. I am however starting to run low, so get a deck soon if you think you want one. At this time my plan is for them to remain a limited edition.